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Our proprietary consulting process can help you build your business to the next level.

While today’s plastic surgeons are passionate about their patients and procedures, many are often less than enthusiastic about the managerial aspects of running a successful practice. I frequently hear colleagues express frustration at having to engage in, or manage:

  • Accounting
  • Back-office issues
  • Teamwork situations
  • Marketing and branding
  • Building a company culture

The essential issue is that most medical experts don't understand the business aspects of running their practices and have neither the time nor, in some cases, the desire to comprehend this more fully. The problem is that these are the important elements that go into building a successful plastic surgery brand and business.

As a result, doctors end up not doing the things necessary for them to grow, and their practices end up with broken or compromised systems and ineffective policies and procedures — which they have no idea how to repair and/or tune for growth.

Having delved deeply into these issues within his own practice, Dr. Bill Kortesis has more than tripled Hunstad/Kortesis’s revenues, from 3 to 10 million dollars within a period of 5 years. A frequent speaker for the industry and consultant to other plastic surgeons, Dr. Kortesis has taken what he has learned and translated it into The Entrepreneurial Model of Medical Practice Growth©. Depending on the client’s unique situation, starting point, and objectives, the process is designed to help doctors and their practices achieve a wide variety of results in the following areas.


Our consulting process is designed to take the guesswork out of growing your practice with proven strategies for expanding both your bottom line and patient satisfaction.


Our work with clients in this area focuses on not only increasing the flow of top revenue-generating procedures but creating new revenue streams through offering ancillary services that may not be being offered now. The goals of the growth aspect of our process include:

  • Bringing in more patients to the practice overall
  • Getting better online reviews and increasing brand presence
  • Creating more consistent marketing campaigns
  • Increasing the procedures that generate greater revenue
  • Adding ancillary services to increase revenue
  • Finding referral sources to generate potential business

Cost Cutting

By streamlining how many of the core administrative processes of the practice are done, a significant savings can be achieved. Our process addresses the best practices plastic surgery offices can use in regard to:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory control
  • Employee overtime
  • Defining roles and responsibilities

Because of addressing these areas, clients can expect to see a decrease in office expenditures and a reduction in processing fees for credit cards, loans, accounting, and billing fees.


How Can I Work with Dr. Kortesis?

Since each practice is unique, clients have the option of working with Dr. Kortesis in several ways to achieve their practice growth, management, and/or cost-cutting goals.

Practice Assessment 

In this first phase of the consulting work, Dr. Kortesis provides the client with an overall intake of their corporate structure, marketing, company culture, and community outreach. Specific objectives and goals for practice growth and management are established, and a core plan is put in place for their achievement. This first phase involves a three-month program with monthly telephone meetings and email coaching.


Practice Plan

In this six-month program, the client has biweekly telephone consultations and email support with Dr. Kortesis to ensure that the defined plan is on track and being implemented in a timely and effective manner.


Practice Growth

For those clients who are looking to transform their practices to the next level, this one-year program involves weekly telephone consultations with Dr. Kortesis and focuses heavily on a plan to increase patient revenue and bottom-line profits.

For more information on how your practice can benefit from working with Dr. Bill Kortesis and The Entrepreneurial Model of Medical Practice Growth©, please contact us .