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2020 Year in Review

From COVID-19 forcing plastic surgery facilities to temporarily close, to receiving a flood of patients after reopening, 2020 has definitely been full of unexpected events. Follow along as we walk you through exactly what the 2020 year brought for us, as well as what we look forward to for 2021!

The K&B YouTube channel was created for Dr. Bill Kortesis and Dr. Gaurav Bharti to digitally share insight on the plastic surgery industry, as well as to connect with potential patients, fellow industry leaders, and anyone interested in what the industry has to offer.

The Many Misunderstandings

A series I was excited to start with Dr. Bharti on our channel explores the many misunderstandings that are commonly associated in our industry.

Plastic Surgery & Self-Confidence

We are excited to kick off our first series, The Many Misunderstandings of Plastic Surgery, with discussing the common assumption that plastic surgery is just for those with self-confidence issues. Follow along as we work to debunk the many misconceptions surrounding the industry! - Gaurav and Bill

Plastic Surgery & Status

Welcome back to another episode of The Many Misunderstands - a series where we work to debunk common plastic surgery misconceptions! On today’s episode, we discuss how lots of people believe that plastic surgery acts solely as a “status symbol,” and how that is simply not true. Thanks for tuning in, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our other videos in this series! -Gaurav & Bill

Plastic Surgery & the Wealthy | K&B Management

We’re back again this week to debunk some of the world’s most common misconceptions about plastic surgery, with today’s video focusing on the fact that many people believe plastic surgery can only be afforded by the extremely wealthy. While this is definitely false, we welcome you to follow along with us today as we explain the reasoning behind this common misconception! - Gaurav & Bill

Skincare Secrets

In this series, we discuss some of our favorite skincare tips and tricks.


The Importance of Moisturizing

Ever wonder why moisturizing is such an important step to any daily skincare routine? Follow along with us this week as we explore exactly why moisturizers are so important, and ways that you can use them to improve overall skin health! - Gaurav and Bill

Diet & Your Skin

Using proper skincare products is definitely important in keeping your skin healthy, but did you know that diet also plays a huge role in enhancing overall skin quality? Follow along with us today as we provide some tips on how to be sure that your diet is positively contributing to the overall health of your skin! -Gaurav & Bill

Advice from Experts

In this series, we are discussing some of our patient's most common problems and discussing some advice we think will be must helpful for those interested in aesthetic medicine.


Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery

We’re back with a new series! We receive lots of incoming questions about how to best prepare for plastic surgery, so we decided to make a video to address this common topic. We invite you to follow along with us today as we discuss how you can be sure you are fully prepared for your surgery, both mentally and physically! -Gaurav & Bill

Best Practices for a Quick Recovery

What are the best ways to recover after surgery in order to get back to your daily life as soon as possible? Funny you ask, because in this video, we will work to answer just that! Throughout our years as plastic surgeons, we have seen first-hand how certain practices can help our patients recover quickly with optimal results. Follow along today as we discuss a list of helpful tips that can help you or someone you know heal quickly after plastic surgery. Thanks for watching! -Gaurav & Bill