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Dr. Bill Kortesis of K&B Management: 5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Highly Successful Private Practice

The goal towards excellence means that you are willing to explore all possible avenues of advancements and you are committed to meeting these goals, even if it means you have to explore options beyond your comfort zone.

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May 2021

13 Things You Won’t See at Spas Anymore

As states go through phases of reopening, spas and medspas also grapple with the unique challenges of offering their services and maintaining safety standards to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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July 2020

Dr. Bill Kortesis: “Investing During The Pandemic; What Should I Do With My Money Considering All Of The Volatility & Uncertainty Today”

Historically, despite the ill of the world that has happened, humanity has prevailed & we tend to get through it.

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June 2020

“Energy devices that can stimulate muscles and reduce fat” with Dr. Bill G Kortesis

There are SO MANY incredible things happening in beauty tech right now. Energy devices are ground breaking. Some of the tech is truly remarkable in its ability to stimulate muscles and reduce fat in ways we never thought possible outside of surgery.

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June 2020

Dr. Farrokh Shafaie and Dr. Bill G Kortesis Discuss The Future of Beauty with Candice Georgiadis

Candice Georgiadis, owner of the blog by her namesake, interviews individuals on the cutting edge of hotel, travel, lifestyle and other similar topics.

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June 2020

The Future Of Beauty

The world of 'Beauty' is ever-changing now that technology is being pursued at breakneck speed, something that beauty was lagging behind in.

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June 2020

Botox Is Back After Lockdown, and Its Fans ‘Feel Alive’ Again

In some states, aesthetic medicine practitioners are offering Botox again. A lot of regulars missed it during COVID-19 lockdown, and they’ve been joined in reopened clinics by newbies seeking pampering. Read what beauty industry leaders such as Dr. Bill Kortesis have to say about the post-coronavirus Botox trend.

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May 2020

How to Look Ten Years Younger Without Surgery with Dr. Bill Kortesis

Bill Kortesis's practice, HKB Cosmetic Surgery, has more lasers, energy devices, and noninvasive tools than almost any other cosmetic surgery practice in North America. He recently joined Dr. Anthony Youn on his informative podcast to discuss noninvasive techniques in aesthetic medicne & how to look ten years younger WITHOUT plastic surgery.

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April 2020

COVID-19 Update

Here's an update on Dr. Bill Kortesis's practice, HKB Cosmetic Surgery's, response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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April 2020

Bill Kortesis MC, FACS & Business Partner Launch YouTube Channel

Bill Kortesis and Gaurav Bharti are counted among the most respected surgeons in the United States and they have created a practice that is sought after by patients across the globe. Both have won a variety of awards, have conducted research, and are extensively published in the field. Dr Bill Kortesis and Dr Gaurav Bharti are both board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and serve on various advisory boards throughout the world.

Their YouTube channel is a place for both surgeons to connect with their patients, peers, and fellow industry leaders to share ideas and offer insight on how to make the future of aesthetic medicine even more impactful.

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April 2020

3 Women Reveal Why They Got Breast Reductions—And Don't Regret A Thing

Why do women get breast reductions? Dr. Bill Kortesis recently contributed to an article answering this exact question and it was published on MSN and Yahoo.

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March 2020

Is Social Media Destroying Aesthetic Medicine?

Tom Seery, CEO of RealSelf, recently sat down with a dozen doctors at the RealSelf Advisory Board’s most recent meeting in Austin to have a chat about the impact social media is having on aesthetic medicine. Check out the short clip to hear Dr. Bill Kortesis's thoughts regarding what REALLY tells the truth online.

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February 2020

Top Plastic Surgeons Kortesis and Bharti Join Cartessa Aesthetics' Medical Advisory Board

Cartessa Aesthetics has announced two new additions to its Medical Advisory Board. Plastic Surgeons Dr. Bill Kortesis and Dr. Gaurav Bharti will assume an advisory role with the rapidly growing aesthetic company.

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February 2020

The Best Plastic Surgeons In America

Thanks to my peers for the nomination and thanks to American Airlines for the opportunity of being featured in its in-flight magazine, American Way, as one of the Best Plastic Surgeons In America.

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January 2020

Special Interview with Bill G. Kortesis, MD, FACS

Bill Kortesis, M.D., FACS shares his timeless advice on joining a practice, scaling the business, marketing, customers, staff, and what your true goals should be to take your practice to the next level.

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January 2020

What Makes Dr. Bill Kortesis Tick?

RealSelf Verified plastic surgeons Dr. Gaurav Bharti and Dr. Bill Kortesis, who practice together in Charlotte, North Carolina, are involved in what we in the Seattle tech industry sometimes call “growth experiments”.

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December 2019

Good Liposuction Takes Time

Dr. Bill Kortesis, a managing partner at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery, discusses liposuction and liquid gold.

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November 2019

It's a Love/Hate Relationship with Reviews

Dr. Bill Kortesis of Charlotte discusses reviews, how they impact plastic surgery and what a patient needs to look for when it comes to surgeon reviews

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August 2019