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2020 Year in Review

From COVID-19 forcing plastic surgery facilities to temporarily close, to receiving a flood of patients after reopening, 2020 has definitely been full of unexpected events. Follow along as we walk you through exactly what the 2020 year brought for us, as well as what we look forward to for 2021!

The K&B YouTube channel was created for Dr. Bill Kortesis and Dr. Gaurav Bharti to digitally share insight on the plastic surgery industry, as well as to connect with potential patients, fellow industry leaders, and anyone interested in what the industry has to offer.

The Many Misunderstandings

A series I was excited to start with Dr. Bharti on our channel explores the many misunderstandings that are commonly associated in our industry.

  1. Plastic Surgery & Self Confidence
  2. Plastic Surgery & the Wealthy 

Skincare Secrets

In this series, we discuss some of our favorite skincare tips and tricks.

  1. The Importance of Moisturizing
  2. Coming soon