The healthcare and aesthetic landscape of tomorrow is going to be riddled with innovative breakthroughs. The future of the HealthTech industry, for example, is currently shifting from an intervention-based approach to one rooted in prevention. Escalating interest in non-invasive treatments and virtual, on-demand care are not only fueling digital disruption but they’re opening the doorway for venture capital firms to bridge the gap between business & medicine. Whether you’re a veteran aesthetic practice seeking investment funding opportunities or a new-to-the-world startup, now is the time to empower innovators, expand profitability, and drive superior patient outcomes. 


VC Investment Trends

The medical aesthetic space is only beginning to scratch the surface, with forecasters predicting the global market to reach $22.2 billion by 2025 – that’s an estimated compound annual growth rate of 11.5%. To remain at the forefront of this patient-centric paradigm shift, aesthetic practices, and venture capital firms must remain steeped in the ongoings of the marketplace – investing in new technology, apps, and startups geared towards enhancing the patient experience and modernizing quality of care.


How to Make VC Profitable

Right now, there’s a heavy focus on expanding patient access – whether it be via monitoring technologies (like wearables) or novel therapeutics. As a long-time plastic surgeon and entrepreneur, I’ve leveraged my medical experience in a consultative capacity to help improve healthcare efficiency, provide time and cost savings, and stimulate profitability. From corporations spanning the medical device, aesthetic, pharmaceutical, and skincare industries to small business owners and stakeholders, I’ve helped facilitate investment funding, introduced new organizational protocols to maximize workflow, and provided practices with the resources and guidance needed to implement new surgical techniques and technology. 


My knowledge of the aesthetic space parlayed with the right business acumen has played an integral role in my ability to understand the motivations, challenges, language, and goals – both medically and financially – of practices, investors, and entrepreneurs. For this reason, I’ve been successful in reducing operational costs for healthcare facilities, decreasing physician burden and burnout, and identifying new revenue streams to increase market penetration. 


VC Consulting Services

My passion truly lies in the ability to improve accessibility to care for every human being. In order to usher in a brighter tomorrow, we need to come together as an industry to support and nurture the next generation of medical breakthroughs. There are virtually limitless possibilities – especially when technology and healthcare are interlaced with one another. As the medical arena continues to experience a radical transformation, we will start seeing things like predictive modeling, machine learning, virtual reality in the operating room, and more. As I continue my mission to impact the future of healthcare and aesthetic wellness, I am keeping my ears open, seeking innovative ideas and fresh voices. It’s incredibly rewarding to be part of something bigger than myself and supply businesses with the guidance and know-how needed to flourish. 



Have a breakthrough development in the HealthTech space? Want to discuss investment opportunities? Looking for a plastic surgery consultant to move the needle forward for your practice? I’d be happy to chat