The aesthetic sector is beginning to reshape its fundamental anatomy, swapping traditional marketing models for a more innovative, patient-centric approach. Modern marketing practices call for a scalpel-sharp vision and purpose-driven content. Consumers want authenticity. They want engagement. They care about transparency.


Innovative Healthcare Marketing & Online Reviews


Evolus (or as some like to call it, the Airbnb of aesthetics) takes a beauty-first approach to their marketing efforts. When they launched Jeuveau – the first FDA-approved neurotoxin in nearly 10 years – it was driven by their #Newtox digital campaign, designed to advertise the newest player to enter the world of injectables. Their data-driven beauty strategy was aimed at capturing the millennial crowd, introducing them to the world of aesthetics.


Speaking to their marketing efforts, Evolus CEO David Moatazedi said, “Most of these doctors have done a great job of building practice with older baby boomers, but when you ask them what their plan is to bring these millennials into their practice, they don’t have one. Our goal is to eliminate friction in this market and actively pursue the consumers sitting on the sideline. We believe by investing in personalization for the doctor what we’re doing is shifting the paradigm from what traditional pharma does in direct-to-consumer mass media and print to personalization.”


Echoing Moatazedi’s sentiment, I believe the patient experience coupled with advanced treatment options is sparking a healthcare revolution. Forward-thinking technology and aesthetic innovation will play an integral role in fostering a connected community and enhancing patient satisfaction. Showcasing your humanity, crafting a brand that’s unique to your personality, and delivering value are what the modern consumer is looking for in a practitioner. Forget the copycat mentality, differentiating yourself as a practitioner requires you to forge your own path.


Your online reputation matters. Patients leverage sites like RealSelf or Google to search for providers and read what their peers have to say via online reviews. There is no one better than your satisfied patients to narrate your success stories. Many patients want insight into who you are before ever scheduling an appointment or walking through your door. And the reality is, you may get a couple of bad reviews, but we’re all human and this type of feedback can help strengthen your skills and enhance your practice. Instead of playing defense, effectively handling a negative review requires you to acknowledge it, apologize, and show you truly care. And, hey, while you’re at it, try getting that individual to come back to your practice, so you can provide them with a better experience.


Social Media Marketing for Aesthetic Providers


When it comes to your social media footprint, there should be a level of consistency across the platforms you use – all speaking to your values, personal brand, and expertise. For me, my passion lies in driving change in aesthetic wellness and bridging the gap between business and medicine. This industry truly crosses all socioeconomic statuses, races, and geographical locations, allowing us, as practitioners, to help people reconcile the way they look on the outside with the way they feel on the inside.


Attracting and retaining patients not only requires you to understand your target consumer’s motivations and concerns, but it calls for genuine interaction and fresh, valuable content for your followers. From videos to testimonials to a picture of you heading into the office with your favorite local coffee – be yourself.


It’s also imperative to build a level of trust and credibility. After all, would you trust a total stranger to perform your rhinoplasty? Before and after photos, speaking events, blog posts, and establishing yourself as a thought leader within your niche will help transform your practice into a profitable entity.


Aesthetic Wellness Products & eCommerce


When it comes to expanding profitability, you can add a lucrative revenue stream by adding an e-commerce store to your practice’s website. It’s a great supplemental benefit for patients who want to order or restock their favorite products, as well as another way for you to analyze the data and see what kind of traction you’re getting amongst your target audience. As we navigate this transient normal into what will be our new normal, patients will want access to a touchless payment processing system.


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