The more foot traffic you have in the office, the better for your business. Offering ancillary services, like facials or other aesthetic things for the face, keeps patients coming in to your office regularly and underscores your commitment to taking care of all a patient’s concerns. Offer Botox, fillers, facials, skin care products, and microdermabrasions, and patients are likely to spend more time and money in your office. And then, whenever they need additional surgery, they’ll already be in your office, so they’re more likely to say, “You know, I’ve been thinking about getting my eyes done. Is the doctor around so I can chat with him about it?”

The key is to take care of as many of the patient’s needs as you can. We added overall wellness to our offerings to help with the goal of taking care of the whole patient.  Offering skin-related services is ideal, because people build relationships with the aestheticians. When the aesthetician makes a suggestion for a skin care product or procedure, people almost always respond positively. And because they’re used to turning to your office for all their skin care needs, they’re likely to come to you first for any additional work. But it’s all about the approach. Make sure it’s done subtly with the patient’s best interests at heart.